Lectures for Streaming and Downloading

Vaishnava Vedanta Classes

Introduction to Vedanta

Consciousness, Awareness and Meditation

Vedanta and Atheism Part One

Vedanta and Atheism Part Two

Vedanta and Atheism Part Three

Vedanta and Atheism Part Four

Pure Theism--Beyond Religion: Readings and Comments on Sri Caitanya Siksamrta

    First Rainfall, First Shower--Theistic Worldview

    First Rainfall, First Shower--Raga and Religion

    First Rainfall, First Shower--Religions Vary According to Time, Place and Spiritual Development

    First Rainfall, Second Shower--The Teachings of Lord Caitanya

Vedanta and Bhakti

    Basic Bhakti 1

    Basic Bhakti 2

    Importance of Japa Meditation  

Vedanta and Christianity

    Vedanta and Christianity 1--Scripture Alone as Sufficient

    Vedanta and Christianity 1A --Q, The Lost Gospel

    Vedanta and Christianity 2 --How to Be a Christian

    Vedanta and Christianity 3--Meaning of Soul   

    Vedanta and Christianity 4--Meaning of God

    Vedanta and Christianity 5 --Does Jesus Say He is God?

    Vedanta and Christianity 6 --Vicarious Atonement

SAT YOGA is Real Yoga

    Real (SAT) Yoga --Yamas

    Real (SAT) Yoga -- Niyamas

    Real (SAT) Yoga -- Asanas

    Real (SAT) Yoga -- Pranayama

    Real (SAT) Yoga -- Pratyahara

    Real (SAT) Yoga -- Dharana

    Real (SAT) Yoga -- Dhyana

    Real (SAT) Yoga -- Samadhi (coming soon)